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Vision/Dream Boards

This post will tell you about vision/dream boards, and will show you how you can make your own vision/dream board. This is something good to do for your New Years resolutions, it will allow you to see what your goal are for the year and keep you focused on those goals. It is also a good way to improve areas of your life and to manifest things into your life.

I want to quickly mention I did a vision/dream board last year and a lot o the things on my vision/dream board manifested in to my life. Not all things, but over 50% of the things on my board it would have been close to 80-90% of the things on my vision/dream board manifested into my life. I was so happy with the success of my vision/dream board that I will be definitely be doing another one for next year.

Vision/dream boards are the best tool to use to manifest things into your life, which keep you motivated an focused. Vision/dream boards work best when they are some where you’ll see them daily in your line of sight. It is an awesome and easy way for you to communicate to the Universe about what you would like to manifest into your life it works with the law of attraction.

The idea behind the law attraction is ‘like attracts like’ and by focusing on positive thoughts we can bring change into our life. However by focusing on negative thoughts we will communicate to the Universe that you want more negative results to happen in our life. So it is best to stay focused on positive thoughts when creating your vision/dream board and to continue being positive the best you can. I know we all have moments when we may feel down that is completely normal just don’t let it consume you and bring you down too much.

How to make a Vision/Dream Board:

1. Firstly think about what you would like to manifest in your life, it is also a good idea to sit down with a piece a paper and jot down those ideas, thoughts and feelings you imagine when thinking about your future and what you want to manifest into your life. Another thing to know it everyone’s vision/dream board will be different, as we all want different things in our life and we may also create our vision/dream board slightly different to another the end result however will still be the same.

Some things to think about and consider when making your notes:




What do I want?

Who do I want to be?

What do I want to do?

There are many other things you can consider but this will help you get started, you want to look at all areas/aspects of your life when thinking about your future and what you want to manifest into your life.

2. Now what you want to do is seek pictures, words, quotes and even affirmations that remind you all of those things you have just thought about and imagined on your piece of paper. It’s a good idea to seek for pictures, words and other things that will give you a clear image in your head of what it is you have thought about or imagined, so that when you go look at your vision/dream board in the future it makes sense and is clear to understand.

3. Once you have done all the above you are now ready to create your vision/dream board. You can either use a pin up board, cork board or even just a piece of paper to glue, stick and write on then hang up somewhere later.

A good website also to refer to is, it also has good examples of vision/dream boards at the end of the article:

If you have any questions on how to create a vision/dream board, or any other question please contact me at:


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