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I Want to Hear from You!

I want to hear from you, looking at doing some more blog posts. However I would like my viewers to let me know what, there interested in seeing. I first started this blog to help others and to give people information. I’m not saying I’m an expert by any means. However I have learnt things over time, and would like to share with all that are interested.

To keep this blog going, I need your support and help to do this. All I ask is to suggest new subjects to be covered in blogs and to continue reading my blogs. Even hit the ‘follow’ button, so you are informed of when a new blog post has been uploaded.

Let me know, email:

Spirit Communication

An early model wall mounted telephone, in the ...

Communication with spirit, can be like an old phone. It's hard to understand, but not impossible.

Spirits don’t communicate exactly like we do, they can but not always. Which can make it a little more complicated, but not impossible, to interpret what they are saying to you. It requires energy to communicate with the living. A lot of people experience spirit communication as they are falling asleep or when the are asleep. When relaxing before nodding off your state of awareness changes, making it a lot easier for spirit to communicate than during the day. I’m not saying during the day it’s not possible for spirit to communicate with you. I’m just saying it’s a lot easier. So when nodding off you may hear a voice that’s not your own, and can’t be explained. The voice could be internal or external. Being internal can be thoughts or words in your head, that aren’t your own. When sleeping spirit can also enter your dreams, and show you in dreams what they are trying to communicate. Some dreams are very clear, or others take time to decipher as they are more symbolic. Whatever the case, trust your intuition and follow what you think it may be. With practice and learning what the symbols mean to you, you will become to know what spirit is trying to tell you. You may want to keep a journal of your dreams and the symbols that you have deciphered or the one’s you haven’t, so you can start recognising patterns. You can also include in your journal the other senses that you are aware of, as there are many other ways for spirit to communicate. Such as smells, taste, sounds, thoughts, symbols or signs.

During the day spirit can also communicate, to those of us that extend our awareness. Like when we sleep, you can use all five senses. As spirit communication doesn’t have to be words or thoughts. It’s easier sometimes just to give a smell or a taste to a person. It may be your grandmothers favourite perfume, that you all of sudden you smell. She just want’s to let you know she is around, and watching over you.

Also spirit communicate with songs you may hear a song on the radio that may have been your uncles favourite song or something you enjoyed together. Other times it’s spirit giving you a message, and you can search for the lyrics and read them, sometimes being able to get a phrase or message that you really needed to hear.

So all you have to do is extend your awareness around you and take more notice of what’s going on around you.

If you need further help, advice or have questions please contact me:

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guide

Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are little like a supervisor they observe and guide you through your life. Spirit guides never take over your life and direct it where it needs to be, or intervene unless given permission to do so. They act on the universal law of free will, you must ask to receive intervention. You just have to say what your problem is and ask if they could help, support and guide you. Your spirit guides will then guide you in the most beneficial way, they know exactly what you need and how the best way of going to get it. When reaching out to your guides you may hear, feel or see them, it doesn’t really matter how you sense them as long as you notice them. Names aren’t important, names will come later when you have bridged the gap of communication and have strengthened you relationship with your guides. As you have noticed I have been saying “guides” in this blog post. That’s because we have more than one guide, but have at least one main guide. Your guides can change as you grow up or they can no longer help with your life goals, and other guides are appointed to you. So that you can learn and experience what this guide has to offer. Your main guide will stay with you until you pass away, and even then they will help you to cross over to the other side.

Connecting with your Guides:

To connect with your guides you need to mediate daily and if you can and is possible try to do it around the same time of the day. Before mediating to meet your guides you need to visualise and explore the place where you want to meet them. This could be a room, place, field, garden etc. It doesn’t matter what it is, it’s just a place where you can go to communicate with your guide. So the first thing is to do is spend about a month or longer on finding your place to communicate with your guide. Remember not to communicate with spirit at this time. If you find spirit in your place, ask them to leave. Let them know it’s not the time or place to be at the moment.

After you have explored and got to known your place, this may take a month or longer everyone is different. Just don’t rush it there is no time on when you should find your place. You should be able to get there with ease and see clearly, it just takes practice and determination. So once you have found your place then the next step is asking your main guide to come forward. Don’t ask your other guides to come just yet, as you want to keep it simple and easy. When you have met your main guide start communicating with him or her. You should also keep a journal of your experience for each time, so you will see your progress and see how far you have come. Ask them questions they should only know, later when you’ve built your relationship up if your guide hasn’t already done so ask for their name. Don’t make one up, just let it naturally come to you. You may hear or see it, you may get this some other way like a sign or symbol during the day.

Once you have built your relationship up with your main guide, you can ask another guide to come forward and get to know them. Then so on and so on, until there is no more guides to meet. You may only meet your main guide, as they the one you are going to work with closely. Later you will want to set a time for each day for when it’s possible to communicate with your guides. Try to do it at the same time each day. If you can’t try to do it as close as possible to the time you set. When your connection to your guides is strong they will be able to come through during the day, to give you some guidance, message or advice. You don’t have to say anything just be thankful and thank them later when it’s a more convenient time.

If you need further help, advice or have questions please contact me:

Stay tuned for Spirit Communication.

Dealing with Psychic Insight

Third eye

6th Chakra or also known as Third Eye chakra.

This post is about people who have just discovered or are just starting in exploring their psychic abilities. I use the term psychic which covers all abilities, including mediumship. Some times when we just start out it can be so much and so hard to deal with, it’s different for everyone. Some may deal with it better than others it just depends on how you look at it and what type of psychic abilities you have. When I was first starting out I didn’t even consider myself as psychic, I just wanted to explore the idea and also learn about the different abilities. I found over time the more I learnt the more I came to realise that I may be psychic. I mean I had seen spirit before when I was a little child, I just couldn’t remember it much only remembered when I was about 10 years old, and seeing my first memorable spirit. So for all those people who are out there and don’t know where to turn, look no further. I am here to help in any way I can, I don’t claim to know everything but I will try my best to give you advice or answers to your situations or questions.

Dealing with too much:

When starting off with psychic insight including mediumship or just discovering you have psychic insight. Some may have problems dealing with the information received and may even be getting too much from their psychic insight. How to deal with the information is by no means easy, but necessary to continue with your psychic insight. Especially if you want to use it professionally. Having too much psychic insight can weigh you down, make you feel depressed, make you have a lack of energy and can even cause people to distant from others and certain places. This all is because they can’t deal with the information or it is just too much to process. How one learns to deal with their psychic insight take practice and determination. One way to do this is to learn how to close your self off. Also let me make it clear you can’t block out everything all together as some things may be important, but you can manage your psychic insight better when you learn how to close off. At the start it will be hard, but it is possible. There is no time limit everyone will be different on the time it will take them to learn to do this affectively. Some people can deal with it some can’t, it depends on you. We all need to take some space from psychic insight at some stage or have boundaries.

Exercise 1

Closing off:

Closing off can be possible but like I said above it takes practice and determination to get the full effect. You can do this exercise at any time of the day, but it is best to do it before you go out for the day. Especially when you first start doing this exercise, as you want to focus and concentrate on the exercise and not getting disturbed.

  1. Find a nice quiet place in the house.
  2. Sit or lay whatever is most comfortable and is easier to focus and concentrate on the exercise.
  3. You should ground yourself before you do this when starting off as well because you will not have done grounding before and you don’t want to use your own energy and then have a lack of energy for the day. (Refer down the page for grounding exercise.)
  4. Close your eyes and imagine the energy coming from your feet from deep within the ground. (Just like grounding, you can also visualise the colour of what you perceive the Earths core energy as.)
  5. With that energy make it come right up to the top of your head.
  6. Focus on making a shield of energy.
  7. You don’t have to cover all of yourself at the start, but can if you feel more comfortable. I would suggest to start at your stomach.
  8. As soon as you are visualising this you can grow the shield of energy out to cover your whole body.
  9. Then start making it wider and extending it out but not too far. No more than half a metre. (You will find the most comfortable size for you and the most affective as everyone is different.)
  10. If needed you can make more layers to your shield to strengthen your shield. (No more than 5 layers.)

Once you have closed off do not focus on something like why? And start looking for answers that could be answered from your psychic insight. As this will open you up again and you’ll have to start all over again with the exercise. Also when you are too focussed on something with your psychic insight and you don’t want to be or it’s inappropriate to do so, to help you could try focussing on something to distract yourself. Like with something you enjoy or will take your mind of it as you’ll probably forget, this is usually only helps short-term depending.

Processing Psychic Insight:

When you have gotten some information through your psychic insight you don’t need to analyse it too much. You may spend a few minutes like 1 -3 minutes looking at it. But then move on as you’ll get caught up on it and won’t be able to let it go, the longer you go without letting it go the harder it will be when you decide you want to let it go. Good thing to get in the habit of doing is keeping a journal with all your psychic insight and date it and you could even time it if it’s repetitive to see if it’s at the same time of day/night. The reason for dating it is that it may not be important now but when you come back to that particular date, it may make sense or have come true. Also to help make it a rule to yourself to try to not read anyone without their permission, don’t worry if it accidentally happens just keep it to your self and let it go. Also don’t doubt your self when you get information through you psychic insight, yes you may be wrong but the point is trusting yourself even if you’re wrong. As the future is not set in stone and we can change it by doing something else that will alter the future, however at times you will receive information from you psychic insight, which will happen when they do something that will alter their future and you will be right. When you doubt your self you can block further psychic insight information to come through or will get wrong or mixed information. So just stick with trusting what you get through your psychic insight and remember you can’t be 100% right all the time.

Grounding Exercise:

  1. Look deep within to the Earths core. What colour is it? No colour is wrong it’s what you perceive it to be.
  2. Next grow roots from your feet that go deep within the ground.
  3. Imagine the Earths core energy go up the roots and through your body, if there seems to be a blockage push through with the energy.
  4. Let it continue to flow for 5-10 minutes.
  5. If you feel there are any energies that need to be removed while doing this, imagine them being pushed down to your feet and out your feet into the Earths core where they can be recycled.

I want to hear from some of you, questions or feedback. If you need further help or advice please contact me:

Stay tuned for Boundaries with Spirit.

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