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Dealing with Negative Energy

Polski: Kadzidełko English: Incense stick

You can also get sage incense sticks, as well as smudge sticks.

Dealing with negative energies can be a difficult process, in this information sheet I will be talking about:

  • Different types of Negative energies
  • Psychic Attack
  • Spirit Attachments
  • Protecting and Preventing negative energies
  • Clearing/cleansing negative energies

Different types of negative energies:

What I’m talking about is where the energy originated from. This can be hard to determine where it comes from, but not impossible. You may feel it in a room; it may be person or spirit. This is not as important, the important thing is to deal with it or protect/prevent you from experiencing such energies.

Psychic Attack:

Psychic attack is where negative energies are pushed into another’s energetic bodies eg aura. Psychic attack can be from the living or those who have passed. This is where they feed off your energy and form a type of attachment. You will feel drained or being drained, they may be dumping all their emotions on to you, that of what they can’t deal with. You may feel heavy or heavier than you have in the past, these all can be symptoms. There are more symptoms than that, but thought I would keep it small, as this is quite a broad subject but an important one at that.

Spirit Attachments:

Spirit can and will form attachments, not all spirit will. But some will try to use your energy, drain it, interfere with it etc. This can be stressful and tiring and shouldn’t be allowed. This can impact your life and have physical effects on your body, in turn it will weaken your aura and it will become easier to drain or interfere with your energy. You must take action once you first notice any negative energies, psychic attack or spirit attachment.

There are many ways to prevent and protect you from such energies listed above. For this reason I will list some methods you can try to, that I have used myself. You must feel comfortable in using the method or methods you choose and feel that it’s working for you, everyone is different and therefore can try different methods until they find one that will suit you.


Preventing these energies can be easy but not always, it takes dedication and persistence. One easy way to stop these energies is to use a “white sage” smudge stick or incense stick; these can be purchased at most new age shops. All you do is light the end until smoking and blow the end out. Move the smudge stick through the building, house or place required. Move the stick everywhere and don’t miss any area, get right in the corners. Corners are really important. The corners are where the negative energy holds it’s self. While doing it you can say a prayer or ask that all negative energy be taken away with the smoke. When finished dab the smoking end into a heat proof plate or dirt, this will stop it from continuing to burn. You may want to have your windows open when doing so, because the smoke can be quite strong for some people.

Also using protection around yourself when around these negative energies can stop you from picking up these energies. The exercise I am about to give you won’t take long to do. Once you have been doing it for about a month or more it will get easier, as everything gets easier with practice.

Another technique is the white light method. Find somewhere in the house a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Sit on a chair or the side of the bed or something similar. Close your eyes and imagine roots growing from your feet that go into the ground, growing deeper and deeper. Then imagine a light coming from above your head and slowly travelling down your body, through each of the seven chakras, until it reaches your feet. Then make that light go into the ground and travel down the buried roots. Imagine any negative energy from your body travelling down your body into the roots in the ground and coming out the ends, and releasing them to the ground. Then imagine positive energy, and thought travelling up toward your head until it reaches just above your head. Making sure not to add any negative energies or thoughts. Once done make sure you close or put protection in place on each chakra. Then slowly become more and more aware of what’s around you, and then slowly open your eyes and take some deep breaths.


The “white sage” can be used to cleanse and clear negative energy. Refer to above direction for using white sage, for cleansing. Cleansing’s can be done on objects, persons, rooms etc.

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