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Root Chakra Designs

Root chakra associated with grounding. Located at the base of your spine.

How do you ground yourself? 

This is one of the ways I ground myself, and probably one of the quickest and easiest way I know. Depending on how ungrounded you are, you may want to extend the time to 15-20 minutes. I wouldn’t probably do it any longer, but that just my opinion. I find this is and easy amount of time to achieve. You should ground at least once a day, and you will get better and better with practice. You may even find you don’t need to ground as long, to become grounded.

  1. Look deep within to the Earths core. (What colour is it? No colour is wrong it’s what you perceive it to be.)
  2. Next grow roots from your feet that go deep within the ground.
  3. Imagine the Earths core energy go up the roots and through your body, if there seems to be a blockage push through with the energy.
  4. Let it continue to flow for 5-10 minutes.
  5. If you feel there are any energies that need to be removed while doing this, imagine them being pushed down to your feet and out your feet into the Earths core where they can be recycled.

Also gardening is very grounding, and I have heard of people hugging trees or sitting next to one.

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Importance of Grounding

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Grounding outside

Why should we ground and what can we benefit from grounding ourselves?

Grounding ourselves is important especially when working with psychic abilities. It helps us stay focussed and centred through out the day. If we are focussed and centred it is easier to work with our psychic abilities, as we can focus better. Just having your bare feet on the ground, will leave you feeling good, and in a better state of mind. It can help you relax and unwind from a day, and release all the negative energy and stress from the day.

When we are ungrounded you can feel:

  • Light headed
  • Almost a floaty feeling (of yourself)
  • Lack of energy
  • Trouble focussing
  • Forgetting things
  • Unbalanced
  • Lower back pain

When you are grounded you will feel:

  • Good memory
  • Focus
  • Steady energy through the day
  • Purpose
  • Clear head
  • Feeling comfortable in your own skin
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