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Have a question concerning paranormal, psychic or other things that fit with in this subject? Ask me your question/s, via email:

Or if you just want to have a chat and learn more about myself, send me a email letting me know. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Sorry Guys

Hi guys, I have been busy as I have started studying and have been busy with other things. I am sorry for not informing you, but everything happened so quick. I do apologise. I just want to ask my viewers to ask questions, as I am thinking about doing a question and answer blogs in the near future, as it will be easier to mange with study. I will try to blog about certain subjects when I get time to do so. Please send all questions, queries, subject for future blogs or if you just want to chat to:

Also on another note did anyone see the full moon last night? I thought it looked wonderful, also mercury will becoming into retrograde soon and with the full moons extra energy. Don’t be surprised if arguments start-up or are more intense or things just don’t go right. Also beware of technology as it could cause havoc. This is to do with the extra energy around us during this time. But mercury retrograde is to do with more communication problems, but also affect other things.

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