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Psychic Shielding

The famous Celtic shield found at Battersea.

Psychic Shielding is made of energy.

What is psychic shielding and how do you use psychic shielding?

Psychic shielding is another form of protection, it is similar to psychic protection. However psychic shielding, can be used for shielding yourself from spirit. You could use psychic shielding, when spirit is around, and it’s not an appropriate time to communicate.  Psychic shielding doesn’t block spirit out all together, and doesn’t get rid of them. It more so makes them step back away from you so they aren’t too close (dampens the connection).

I use this at times when I am in bed, and am not feeling up to having spirit so close to me, and disturbing my sleep. You can also ask them to step back. There are times in our life when they are desperate to communicate, and it’s not an appropriate time. This is when psychic shielding comes into play, also later I will get to the topic of boundaries, and how to set boundaries with spirit and your psychic abilities. This is how I use psychic shielding, but I’m sure there other uses for psychic shielding.

Using Psychic Shielding:

Psychic shielding is what it is, it’s a shield. Psychic shielding is made up of energy.

  1.  Imagine a barrier of some kind. (To make it easier you can use the white light.)
  2. Imagine this barrier in front of you.
  3. You can move it, extend it where it suits you.
  4. You may want to shield a door, window or yourself, so spirit can’t come through.

To shift spirit out of a room, you can start from the far corner. While extending it through the room (making sure to cover the room with the shield and not leaving any spaces), and imagining spirit is moving with it. Then when you have reached the doorway, you can leave your shield up there. You should ask spirit to move out of the room or step back, and give you space first. I just find it’s the polite thing to do.

If you need further help or advice please contact me:

Stay tuned for Importance of Grounding.

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