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The Importance of Protection

Anyone can learn psychic protection. Why is important to learn psychic protection you ask?

Archangel Michael, Bentley Common

Archangel Michael, Angel of protection

Psychic protection is important because unfortunately there are lower, negative energies and people. Ever had that feeling of being drained, lack of energy or just feel like something is out to get you. Feeling like this could be symptoms of psychic attack or being drained by psychic vampires.

Let get this clear psychic vampires aren’t after blood, they are after your energy hence feeling drained and/or lack of energy. Depending on the degree of psychic attack or being drained by psychic vampires, this can start to affect you physically. This is why it is important to use a form of psychic protection, to protect yourself, your energy and space.

When working as a medium or with spirit you must also use a form of protection, because not all spirit are good for us. They may not mean to, but spirit can affect your energy. You need to also protect yourself from negative spirits from becoming attached, draining or affecting your energy.

I’m not typing this blog post to scare you from psychic work. Just informing you of the risks and responsibility. If you have a spirit attachment or experiencing any of the above it can be stopped so don’t worry.


Stay tuned for Psychic Protection

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