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How to use psychic protection.

White Light:

  1. Find somewhere in the house a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Sit on a chair or on the side of the bed or something similar, close your eyes and imagine roots growing from your feet, that go into the ground, growing deeper and deeper.
  3. Then imagine a white light coming from above your head and slowly travelling down your body, through each of the seven chakras, until it reaches your feet.
  4. Then make the white light go into the ground and travel down the buried roots.
  5. Imagine any negative energy from your body travelling down your body, out through the roots in the ground.
  6. Then imagine positive energy and thought travelling up your body. Making sure not to add any negative energies or thoughts. (Other wise you will have to start all over again).
  7. Once you have done that imagine the white light surrounding you and protecting you from any negative energies. Don’t just imagine it believe it.

You can replace the white light with a colour. The main thing is doing the above steps, you don’t want to block everything out only lower, negative energies.


You can use different crystals for protection, but I recommend using a form of protection such as above with the crystals. I myself carry and use black tourmaline, clear quartz and Tibetan quartz. There are many others that can be used and for different purposes. I wear a black tourmaline necklace and carry in my pocket the rest. It is important to touch your crystals through out the day to get the full affect. I have heard of people putting them in there socks. So the crystals are close to them and their receiving the full affect.

You will get better and better at protection exercise, and it won’t take as long each time. I recommend at least doing this once a day, you can do this just as you wake up and just before you go to bed.

If you need further help or advice please contact me:

Stay tuned for Psychic Shielding.

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